Thursday, 7 November 2013

Planning to secure your house ?

Properly marking a house can prove to be a responsible task for any home owner!

In my experience as a street number painter in South Africa, walking from door to door speaking to home owners about methods with which they can make their homes more recognizable especially to emergency service personnel, I was quite surprised to hear some of the many excuses people have for not getting a proper visible number displayed on their fence or house wall. Some would use the excuse that if they have a number on their house, the criminal elements can recognize their house much easier and let their criminal friends know where and when to strike. 
I used to be thrown back at first due to the nature of the escalating crime rate in South Africa and what these home owners said to me that I really started thinking about the matter. Then it dawned on me that yes, criminals can see your house much easier when properly marked, but they also know if a property is properly marked the time for security service personnel to arrive at that address fast is very good. They already think of how much time they need to break in. When a property is properly marked especially with my “reflective house numbers”, not finding a house number is not possible unless the person looking for that house may be blind.
Fortunately I have quite a few years experience in explaining the contrary to people as ignorant. I have never seen any person being as ignorant as those who are “willingly” ignorant just to prove something they might think very clever, but in reality proves to be quite dumb.

 Here is a sample picture of the reflective concrete fiber reinforced numbers I manufacture:

These reflective numbers proved to countless South African home owners the effect it has on finding a house fast and what it could have in a emergency situation.
The thing is that when an emergency team is being called out to a house, they expect to find that house fast because it will be a matter of life and death for some. Therefore, If a property has no markings by which it could be easily identified, we make life very difficult for finding our houses where there might be somebody with i.e. a heart attack or a break-in, or any other emergency situation.
I have been witness in numerous occasions where emergency vehicles raced past me while painting house numbers just to stop about three to four house from me a half an hour later after circling the block a few times searching and phoning around to get directions where people were in distress and having no way of identification on that house.
What about the pizza man, or postman? What about the delivery company needing to find your house quick because they have many other deliveries to do also while time is of the essence?
Therefore, to solve the problem it is highly beneficial and recommended to mark your house properly, not just for yourself, but also for those on who’s service we so dearly rely.
If you have been thinking and reflecting on this issue, you are welcome to contact me Nico Engelbrecht on (+27)715105334 anytime during business hours so I can provide you with an effective method to properly mark your house and have peace of mind for a change.

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