People asked me quite a few questions concerning these "Reflective Numbers"
Here are a few questions along with explanations:
  • Are these numbers on the Curb "LEGAL" ?
Yes, they are ! In south Africa at least the law states that it is 100% legal IF it does not cause an obstruction or danger for road users and home owners are also encouraged to get their houses properly numbered in urban and especially in more rural areas. (NB! No advertising of ANY business is legal on the Curbstone though - So no business names or product allowed)

  • Our Emergency services use GPS devices to locate our properties.
Yes, In South Africa our Emergency services has upgraded to using GPS devices, but No GPS Device can give you the assurance that the house you are looking at is in fact the correct house you are looking for. A house still needs a visible number to give the Emergency service person the assurance that he/she is in fact approaching the correct address. Just think how embarrassing it must be for an Emergency service person to rush to a scene and enters the wrong house while the crime/emergency situation is in the house next door ! And also what a waste of precious time if the emergency service person finds out he forced open the wrong door and entered the wrong house and now suddenly have to please and explain that he/she made a mistake and now has to re-start the search and find out from home owners in the area where that specific house is if none of the houses in the street has any numbers ? Believe me, I have been to numerous locations in South Africa even in the most Upmarket areas still struggling to find people's addresses where there are "NO" numbers.
  • How long does these numbers last ?
Well, in our experience over the last 15 years these "Reflective" numbers has proven to last a minimum time span of +- 5 years IF not damaged by any other non-natural means. These numbers normally last up to 9 years depending on the quality and position of the surface it has been applied to. What I mean by this is that these numbers are strong enough to withstand car Tyre wear and tear, human traffic and weather. Common sense says that these numbers can be removed by heavy equipment, steel brushes or just breaking the curb stone(Vandalism).
  • How do I know that criminals don't find my house now easier due to being more visible ?
Well, ALL people can see your house anyway no matter if it's marked or not ! Criminals bargain on people's ignorance by not marking their properties properly and not having alarm systems or security services, which gives them time to steal, kill, and destroy as they please ! The fact of the matter is that when the Emergency service personnel are being called out to respond to your emergency call, every second they spend searching for your house is crucial to your own safety and survival !
  • How much does these numbers cost ?
Well, the price for these numbers are determined by the quantity of digits your house number consists of. One single digit takes the same amount of background paint as a double digit number which only take a little more white paint and reflective beads, therefore the price for one single digit is slightly higher due to the fact that if the number consists of more than one digit I give a discount per digit because only a little more paint and reflective beads are being used to paint the number.
  • How many people are interested and won't I be the only one in my street with these "Reflective" numbers ?
Well, in my experience, I have seen that MOST people like to keep up with the Jones's. And nobody wants to be the only one in a street that has been left out, and not secured. In almost every street where I have painted these numbers I have always painted 95 % of all the houses' numbers simply due to the "Jones" theory. The reason for only 95% is that I do get houses sometimes where the owners are impossible to reach to explain what I do and why I do it, this is where I normally leave a business card which I do get responses on, but unfortunately the business cards fall of and gets lost also.